Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Joke – Jester’s Vengeance DEMO (CHILE) 2007

The blood of German speed metal seems to run thick through the veins of Bad Joke as they pound out this five song demo. These “Heavy Speed Metal Maniacs” throw a furious assault loud and not so clear, but the rough production sways things in their favour adding edge and intensity as they imitate
their heroes from the east. Not a stellar vocal performance but it fits with the songs and genre. Besides, they definitely get the point across with singing about death to posers and try-hards, a subject rarely tackled by their American counterpart. Or is it because we’re the ones they’re singing about? Standard Chugging riffs all way through, with a noteworthy hooky break down in “Raiders Of Metal” and a solid cover of “The Rack” by Germany’s Warrant. But for future releases I suggest striving for more originality to set the band apart from the Germans and to carving a niche that will get German bangers to follow them instead.

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