Friday, January 28, 2011

Children Of Doom - Ride Over The Green Valley DEMO (FRANCE) 2009

Presumably named after the Saint Vitus song, Children Of Doom offer us a lower class taste of raw, heavy, drone doom metal. This is the first release by the French trio, and the novicity shows. The rough production feels like a wet
 book with the words all smudged, a hard read but yet you somehow understand what it’s about. On a lighter note the low quality production gives it a heavier booming sound and if you crank it to 10, it feels like the band’s practicing in the room next to you. Although there’s nothing particularly wrong with “Ride Over The Green Valley”, it’s just kind of boring and repetitive. The demo is only four songs long and needlessly clocks in over 30 minutes, with the longest track “Hell’s On Wheels” finishing at 11:09 minutes. Side B would be the better half with the strongest and fastest track; the riff oriented “We Are Bestial And Raw” and the decent “Hangover”. This album makes for nothing more than a casual listen, but don’t hold me to it.

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