Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endow – Tax This! DEMO (CANADA) 2010

This Brampton based Hardcore Punk band offers this paper D.I.Y. demo and stays true to the original hardcore. These days just saying hardcore makes me cringe. Those words have been so diluted today that it means nothing to the true sense of the term. Even if you don’t like punk, these songs are heavy
enough for the metal heads and I can see them creeping up into the borderline areas of crossover thrash in future releases to come if, technicality follows.The slow and heavy start of “Crux” gives off doom metal vibrations before quickly speeding up into punk mode. Fast simplistic riffs placed over politically charged lyrics prove Endow are not conformers or stupid. As a matter of fact, every song has a message, weather it’s about mindless consumerism, or the negative effects of modern day television. But in the true punk form the songs are too short for my taste and the track “Rollback” is a perfect example of good ideas, but just not enough time. 

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