Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight Malice – Pray For Death DEMO (CANADA) 2010

The first effort from this four-piece outfit (featuring 2 Ex-Skull Fist members) plays some classic heavy metal with great power and speed. The album kicks off with the self-titled track, fast riffs immediately ensue with all guns blazing,
 bass and drums included. These songs are full of fast energy and seem carefully structured into almost perfect arrangements, with impressive leads that show off their musicianship. Production wise everything sounds up to par with the sole exception of the drums on “Sworn To The Horns” which sound off. Unfortunately the EP is only three songs long and makes for too short of a listen. I feel like I got to taste the icing, but didn’t get to enjoy a slice of the cake. Either way this escapade feels like an affair of American metal straight from the heart of 1986 and delivers relentless balls to the wall attitude. If Midnight Malice keeps heading in the same direction, they will surely make their enemies “Pray For Death”.

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