Friday, January 21, 2011

Stryker – Possessed By Heavy Metal DEMO (CANADA) 2010

My cassette player became possessed with the valiant effort of this B.C. trio’s piece of chromium. Although the recordings are of a rough basement quality that will make even the basement blush, there’s no mistaking the power behind
 them. “Maniac” and “Shocker” are easily head banging favourites and prove to be more than worthy for the cause of Heavy Metal. Another notable song is mid riffed “Too Wild To Live (Too Young To Die)”with a catchy chorus and formidable solo by axe-man Gnarly McGee.  A good point to mention are Cam Mayhem’s vocals, like listening to every Sabbath album you can hear Tony Iommi’s guitar playing improve after each one. This is what I foresee in the case for Cam Mayhem’s young raw vocals. Strong, but the bite is not quite deadly yet. Their Heaven and Hell will come.


  1. wow.There are bands that would take out a casette in 2010?Cool

  2. Yes, there are tons of great bands still releasing cassettes and vinyl even now!