Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skull Fist's Jackie Slaughter tells us a bit about their recent tour and plans for 2011

Toronto's Skull Fist have been kicking around the back streets for awhile now, but the past year has proven Skull Fist is in it for the long run. Several tours and a new EP has really driven them as one of the top current Canadian metal bands and I'm sure there's a lot more to come. I got Jackie Slaughter to fill us in on some details of coming news(and a few old ones); including their recent escapade in Europe!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cauldron - Burning Fortune release @ Sneeky Dees Feb. 11th 2011

Friday February 11th 2011, a typical cold Canadian night, the night of the Burning Fortune release party. I had to get there early to make sure what happened last time doesn't happen again.  It's only 7:30 and it won't be for another few hours until the masses conjure, but this gives me time to chat up the bands and hear the sound checks. C.C. Diemond fills me in on the details of their new album as Cauldron sound-checks to "Chained Up In Chains". This is as good an indication as any, Cauldron's on their A game tonight.

Hooded Priest - Call For The Hearse DEMO (NETHERLANDS) 2009

Something about Hooded Priest strikes an unusual accord with my high judgmental standards. These Dutch doomers play simple occult tunes but for some reason this release sticks to me. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Basement Show Part 4: Punk & Heavy Metal

Sorry for the short notice but Friday February 18th (today) is The 4th Basement Show! Come bang your head in a small, hot and crowded basement to some local punk & metal and support D.I.Y. This basement show includes Direct Approach from Toronto, Concussion from Newmarket and Brampton home-teamers; Blackout and Endow. The doors are at 5pm and the show starts at 6pm. Early show so everyone can go out and party after, as this is not a venue there is no drinking. 5$ at the door to help cover the costs of equipment rentals.
58 Pressed Brick Drive, Brampton, Ontario

Click here for the facebook event page!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow week, but much more to come!

Unfortunately this week things have been a little slow and I wasn't able to get much work done. On the plus side in the next two weeks I'm gonna be posting some solid stuff including; interviews, band spotlights, reviews and more. So check back soon!

Cauldron "Burning Fortune" Release Party Friday Febuary 11th 2011

Next Friday marks the album release party for Canadian Metallers Cauldron, as they storm out with their second full-length; "Burning Fortune". This promising album is sure to turn some heads as it solidifies there strong growing reputation. Joining them on stage are Toronto locals, Diemonds(also dropping an anticipating album soon), Tiger Star and ex-Goat Horn members Flying Fortress. Definitely a show you won't want to miss. Here's a preview of songs off the new album.

All Or Nothing
Miss You To Death

Cobra/Skull – Poison In The Bones Split (PERU/COLOMBIA) 2009

Cobra/Skull – Poison In The Bones Split (PERU/COLOMBIA) 2009
A CD split from two South American bands with cover art that strikes similar to Oz’s Fire In The Brain. The album has above average production for South America and also features a Tank worthy cover of “(He Fell In Love With A) Stormtooper” with music played by Cobra and rougher vocals than Algy Ward sung by Skull.