Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cauldron - Burning Fortune release @ Sneeky Dees Feb. 11th 2011

Friday February 11th 2011, a typical cold Canadian night, the night of the Burning Fortune release party. I had to get there early to make sure what happened last time doesn't happen again.  It's only 7:30 and it won't be for another few hours until the masses conjure, but this gives me time to chat up the bands and hear the sound checks. C.C. Diemond fills me in on the details of their new album as Cauldron sound-checks to "Chained Up In Chains". This is as good an indication as any, Cauldron's on their A game tonight.

Fast forward to the witching hour and the band prepares to take the stage. The crowd immediately tightens as everyone pushes to front, for this is what they've been waiting for. As they play, I feel like this isn't the same band that I've seen several times before. Revitalized by their much anticipated album, this
Cauldron is energized with a fresh pair of batteries ready to steal away the night. Jason Decay's on the attack as he pounds out the bass like hot lead. Ian's guitar work is down right amazing, he blazes through his fret board as if he jumped out from an old hot licks VHS. Even Jason's vocals are spot on, not much copping out on the high notes. Most of the set is off Burning Fortune, starting with the single, "All Or Nothing" and "Miss You To Death". They did toss in a few old ones, like "Conjure The Mass" and of course, "Chained Up In Chains". "Rapid City" ends and Ian bursts into "Unchained Assault", an attack of guitar only improvisation
revisiting the days of guitar demi-gods past, exciting the crowd; all reaching out to touch his guitar. The problem with trio's are they're 
usually lacking the extra bottom end, or "heaviness" if you will, that a second guitar brings. Which is especially noticeable during solos. Fortunately this need not apply here, and I'll give credit to drummer Chris Steve's who keeps the sound full and tight, electrifying the set with his forceful drumming. Even though they played at least an albums worth of songs it felt like it was over too soon. And I'm sure just like they rehearsed, they walk off the stage only to be encored back. They give the crowd a happy ending with their trade mark cover 
"Chains Around Heaven" and a pleasant Witchfinder General's "Free Country" finishes everyone off. Slowly the crowd disperses as people begin to head their separate ways. Some head to the merch table, while others head for a final drink at the bar. I prepare myself and head back to where I came from; into the cold Canadian night.
Live photos courtesy of Kevin Nunes


  1. Cauldron ROCKS, one of the best bands in Toronto period. It seems that your review is very kiss-kiss though. My friends and I were there, and we all agree they were amazing we can tell what's a suck up review. Good writing skills though! I'm curious to see what you'd write about the other bands that opened for them, although I already have an idea what you'd write based on this review.

  2. I've seen them several times before, even a few years back when they were still selling Into The Cauldron, and I would say this is by far one of their best shows. Now don't get me wrong, I do really like Cauldron, but this new album is what really did it for me. I found Chained To The Nite to be a little bland, especially in the guitar department and quite a jump from the trashier Into The Cauldron. Besides, like all reviews, they tend to lean to one side, as they are just someone else's opinions. I am for Cauldron. But I appreciate the compliment on my writing, as I strive to output quality reviews!