Friday, February 4, 2011

Cobra/Skull – Poison In The Bones Split (PERU/COLOMBIA) 2009

Cobra/Skull – Poison In The Bones Split (PERU/COLOMBIA) 2009
A CD split from two South American bands with cover art that strikes similar to Oz’s Fire In The Brain. The album has above average production for South America and also features a Tank worthy cover of “(He Fell In Love With A) Stormtooper” with music played by Cobra and rougher vocals than Algy Ward sung by Skull.

Side Cobra
Fast paced metal hailing from Lima, Cobra cross traditional and speed without out being too much of either. Although Peru is not generally known for its high output of metal, Cobra shows prosperity regardless of their country. Their tight musicianship gives us 3 out of 4 good songs, while the fourth isn’t all bad. “Heavy Metal Machine”, the song in question, is kind of like the candy sitting on your grandma’s coffee table; you don’t really want it but you’ll take it anyways. The music is just okay and the lyrics are too comical to take seriously, the salvation is the shout along party chorus: “In the streets we wear denim and leather, Alcohol and cigarettes, We are seeking for whores to have fun with, I know they wanna play with us”.  The most tasteful tracks are “Dead End” and “Fallen Solider” and show a high calibre mix of their talents, displaying the commanding vocals of Diego Valdivia Brunetti and duo guitars Nito and Andrés. The drums are also quite powerful and stick out with great strength. Often when the drums stick out, it’s due to bad drumming and bad production; in this case it’s clearly the opposite. More zest would help spice up the song writing, but musical growth will come in time.

Side Skull
Simple and speedy, Skull reeks of a Punk/Metal/Rock’n Roll rendezvous more free and loose than the likes of Motörhead. Once “On The Rocks” begins there’s no rest until the album is done. This dangerous assault of speed seems a little all over the place and messy, but after a few listens it grows on you like a puberty stricken dirt stache; which is a good thing (unless your my girlfriend). These broken English songs of sex and violence are clearly made to headbang, and thrust a heavy uninterrupted attack on your ears. The dark “Catacombs Under My Bed” is an especially evil and unique delivery of riffs and lyrics but the real standout here is the last track “Iron Heads”. More thrashy then the rest, this song features the best vocals and a ballsy guitar solo to finish it off. Unfortunately Skull treads in safe water not being too creative or innovative as a lot of their songs are quite similar. For fans of Paul Baloff and Motörhead, not for pseudos.

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