Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hooded Priest - Call For The Hearse DEMO (NETHERLANDS) 2009

Something about Hooded Priest strikes an unusual accord with my high judgmental standards. These Dutch doomers play simple occult tunes but for some reason this release sticks to me.  Maybe it’s Luther Finlay’s semi-theatrical vocals that just fit so perfectly over the heavy guitars of Niklas and Joe. Or maybe the lack-luster production, which surely adds to the effect, drifting in the twilight zone of good and bad. I still can't quite put my finger on it, but needless to say they passed my tape-deck's test. I won't give them a get out of jail free card though, trouble is that these songs lack any effort to differentiate from each other and reality is most people will clump it into one memory; kinda like when you mix up movie sequels with the original film. “Well Worth The Dig” and “Devil Worship Reckoning” jump out alittle more, but it's all cut from the same European, doomish, devil-worshiping slab of meat.

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