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Skull Fist's Jackie Slaughter tells us a bit about their recent tour and plans for 2011

Toronto's Skull Fist have been kicking around the back streets for awhile now, but the past year has proven Skull Fist is in it for the long run. Several tours and a new EP has really driven them as one of the top current Canadian metal bands and I'm sure there's a lot more to come. I got Jackie Slaughter to fill us in on some details of coming news(and a few old ones); including their recent escapade in Europe!
 So let’s start it off with a bit of the boring stuff, for those who don’t know; give us a little background on the band and how long you’ve been together. Maybe throw us some details on the early days like 30 Years Too Late and how that turned into Skull Fist?

Back in a time when time was nothing more than time itself. There were but 4. Somewhere down the line 4 turned into two. Hahaha me and Shred, way up north hangin. Rockin. Drinking. Fighting moose. Peeing freeze. Its a tiny tiny hick town population 2000 inside the walls of Timmins, Ontario. Shania Twat is from there. Woooopy hahaha me and Shred have been playing together since we were about 17. He had an old band in Timmins called Carpadium which was a play off the word carpe dium hahaha so he joined my band eventually called 30 Years Too Later. It was nice. We played local bars and went on road trips and got arrested in north bay and such. They were great great times hahaha we eventually had enough and Shred said, fuck. Lets get to Toronto! Haah so we came here and were interested in givnr boogies. We were originally going to move to Vancouver actually but the band Kill Cheerleader asked me to join on rhythm guitar with them. I figured why the hell not in the meantime of forming our new band. So I said yeah. it only lasted a few months though and then I left. No dealio. 30 Years Too Late released 1 awful awful sorry excuse for an album and one E.P. which was done pretty decent. Hahahahaha find them if you dare!
There was a time when Sir Shred
wasn't in the band for awhile, what happened and how'd you get him back?

In December 2006 I was evicted from my apartment since I could not pay rent and somehow still lived there... I wasn't the smartest in 2007. But I swear I'm much better now! Hahahaha so I got evicted. Had to move back to porcupine for a month hahaha the band basically fell apart at that point. Shredder didnt want to play music anymore and claimed he wanted to go work. I moved back to Toronto and lived on the streets for a few days! Hahahah with a new lineup that only lasted about 2 months, we crashed on couches and floors until we found a decent spot to crash, by which time the drummer pussed out and gave up hahahahah it only
took him about 3 weeks to give up after sleeping on floors and etc. The other guy that came along was actually going to be the singer in Skull Fist. I didn't want to sing anymore. Never did. Just did it since we couldn't find anyone. But he disappeared real quick too! Hahaha at that point I was living with Sharon Toxic who was nice enough to let us stay with her till we got our shit together. Eventually it was just me with her there. I almost moved to L.A. dude! Hahahah to join some other band. But of course I didn't. Cause I'm still here... hahahah. Eventually a year after that Shredder called me and said he made a mistake and work sucks. Hahahahah so he came back. But I made him play bass for a while as punishment ;)
There was a pretty big gap in-between the “No False Metal Demo” and the “Heavier Than Metal EP” why so much delay? Also both titles contain “Metal” in them, is this a theme you’re going to continue with? 

Well... the demo was done the summer of 2006. With me on bass, Shred on shred and this dude named Vag on drums. Drugs became overly popular and we eventually lost the drummer. The demo was actually supposed to be 4 songs. But the drummer couldn't hold it down for the other 2. You know the word metal is used a lot these days. But... I don't care. I like it. Hahahhahha it just happened that way. Nothing is intentional with the use of metal. Maybe well use the word rock in the next album.

How do you feel about the finished product of “Heavier Than Metal”? Anything you would change if you had the chance?

I love it. I would change nothing. It was perfect for us for what it was at the time. Were not into over recording or anything like that. But of course, it could have sounded a little better! Hahahah I would change the producer...just kidding. Dan the man Tsouronis (I cant spell his last name) did it. And hes the man. The crazy fancy haired man.

Given the positive reviews for “H.T.M.”, do you think the follow up album will be able to match; or even surpass its success?

Hahahah well I hope so! We just started rockin! The rockin hasn't even kicked in yet. Just beginning to kick in. Rockin begins when the constant supply of tours begins. Hahah I guess we are still rockin hard now though. You gotta rock hard though. You've gotta commit. You've gotta commit to rock. Its just like a fox man! I think so of course. We can do anything. Top anything. Hahahhha

You guys are heading into the studio March 19th to start recording, when’s the earliest we could see this album out? Decided on any names yet?

Ouuuuuuu wouldn't you like to know Inti. Hahahha cant say as of yet though. We haven't set the date ;)

Are all of the songs new ones, or are there a few old tracks in there and who writes most of the music and lyrics? What about re-recording some 30 Years Too Late material...maybe “Heavy Fucking Metal”?*wink*wink*

All of the tracks are new ones. We talked about maybe one day re-recording the E.P. for funzies. But not anytime soon. But yeah this one will be all new trackers. How many trackers. Can't say. Hahah will say soon enough though. I write most of the lyrics and music. Why? Because I'm a dick like that! Hahaha because I just spend lots and lots of time writing. Shredder comes up with riffs and shit and wrote a new tune for the album too! "Heavy Fucking Metal" was supposed to be on the demo we did in 2006. 
But like i said. Vag couldn't handle it, the other song was supposed to be "Do The Disco". Which was an old old 30 Years Too Late song with a retarded name. Hahaha I eventually took a bunch of parts from it and turned it into "Sign Of The Warrior". So its good that it never ended up on the recording! Hahah fuckin eh 

Skull Fist recently signed to Noise Art Records and went on tour in Europe, was the tour linked to you inking the deal? And how’s Noise Art treating you so far?
We had the tour booked already since we were doing the Metal Assault Festival. Hahah we booked it with a brother in France! Named Fab. The sexiest man alive. The thickest of thick hair too. Holy shittt mannn! hahahhaa he runs a label called Inferno Records and I love him. Noise Art is damned cool so far. In a week or so we will announce the big ass tour we are going on in April! They are paying for the album and everything. Big plansss brotha. Biggg mothaaaa plans hahahah 

Tell us more about Europe, this was the first time Skull Fist has toured outside North America. How was the response from the people?

Europe was ultra sexy time. Mega mode of giant sausage and chain smoking with cheap beer. I can't do that anymore though. Since I lost my voice almost! Hahahhah it was a close call but ricola and tea bounced me back! No lost voice is gonna hold mee down!!! We played 2 sold out shows. So that was sexy. Everything was insanely cool man. Germany. People are nuts and drink like
maniacs! France everyone is rad and funny as hell! Big smiless in that place man! Hahah Belgium was 15 year olds in the bar drunk as shit stealin my leather jacket and shit hahaha and a bunch of brothers from Striking Death and Evil Invaders. Ouuu and the brothas from Iron Kobra. Ouuuuuuu and those dudes from Black Horizon in France. And Chainsaw in Netherlands.. motha fuckaaa. It was a great time dude. The response was purely radical and tube u lar. Sold all the shirts in the first 3 shows though hahahah Europe is a madhouse for metal. And music in general. And huge tall neanderthal type looking people. And cigarettes. And beer. Jeeez
man...they drink soo much beer. Not really any vodka too. Which is weird. I only drink vodka!!

Aside from playing regular shows, Skull Fist was included in several festivals and played with some notable names in metal. Who’s still got it and how big were the crowds there? 
Trance mission. Still got it. Even though some guy was trying to tell me they are religious or something now? Angel Witch. Some say they do. Some say they don't. I say ____________. Stone Vengeance was damned awesome. Damnnneddddd the crowd was about 800 people for the whole festival? I think. I dunno. Hahah I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy eating my catering. Hahahahh yeah right. Hahahahh but I did manage to eat some folded bread and meat that just wouldn't fold right.........the crowds in all the shows were amazing though man. Every time we thought there wouldn't be too many people and then shabamel. WOOSHHH a crowd of neanderthal mothas would show up!

There’s been a buzz for awhile that’s metals on a resurgence in North America, but lately it seems like nothings really changed. Any ideas why our metal scene isn’t doing as good as our thriving brothers in Europe? 

Heres the thing. The scene in europe is huge. True. But its still the same as here. Except. We have all the nu metal emo crap. They don't. But in Europe they still have the thrash death black barriers of metal. Just like here. But they all hang much more than here I think. Here in Canada lots of those death nuts fuckin hate The Fist, but in Europe all these black metal bro's are hanging out and down with
it. Just cause its metal you know, that's how shit should be. The reason we don't have that big scene is exactly that. People here whine and bitch and whine and bitch. They could definitely use a godo heavy metal headbutt! SHABAMMELLLL hahahahah I don't think heavy metal is going to get anywhere though. It may grow a little bigger. But I dunnoo... it could... definitely and I will try like a motha to make that happen and well see. Perhaps everyone in North America will grow the hair. Throw out the baggy pants and get some LLEATHHERRRRRRRR. A guy can dream cant he?!?!!?

What country would you say has the biggest Skull Fist following?

.....the moon. The Soviet Union...but the biggest. Has to be Atlantis.

The best country you visited; memorable people, fans, bands, food and other stuff that made it great?
France. I got to lick a 200 year old skull. That was realllll niiiiceeee-eeeeeeeee. Fab is the most memorable person ever. You can even see a picture of him in our a europe tour pictures section..the sexy man with the flower...ohh bus full of Austrians that got smashed at the festival and came to see us!!! bands.....Striking Death.
That little fucker with the high voice! Hahahah and Chainsaw. They cut open a pig on stage...was it real? It could have been. Food......the baguette I stuck on my nuts and gave to the band to eat. Boy oh boyyy good eatin! Other stuff that made it great.....puking in other peoples toilets. Its always a nice change. Waking up to 3 dudes going through a duffel bag of porn. Shred, Johnny and Kevin from Iron Kobra...thems were some fanny muffins they was! 
Did you guys party a lot on the road? Any crazy stories? How about something juicy...

In Europe we had show after show after show hahah so it was tuff for me too party...uhmmm some things went down that I guess we shouldn't really even mention. I could tell you in person one day about it though. Hahahahah I'll give you something juicy in person...non sexually. Ahahah just verbally.

You did this tour with temporary bassist Johnny Exciter (ex-Maniac); can you tell us anything about your narrowing in on a full-time bassist?

The hunttttt is done. We found someone. Who? Fuck offfff. You'll find out soon enough. Hahha but we are still trying people out at the moment. So well see what goes down. Who knows...maybe well get Billy Sheehan. Hahahhahah

Where are you hoping to tour next and what plans does Skull Fist have for the next few months? 

Touring in April. That'll be sick. Where? Can't say yet. I can't say nothing it seems. Hahaha Canada tour in August it looks like. USA tour sometime this year. Another Europe tour again this year. Thats the plan for thissss year. We'll seeee how sheee goes huh. Recording next month. Got this sweet gig on Mars in October so we just have to save up for the oxygen suits and its good to go! I heard Mercury is crazy about our stellar rock n roll! and we always sell out in advance at the martian astro bowl!   

Any new bands we should checkout? Any old stuff you’ve really been digging lately? guys might be mad at me for this...but I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna come right out and say it.... here it goes. KATE. BUSH. Hhahhahahha I don't know why but I keep on listening to her man. Everyone hates the shit out of her here though. Hahaah so I have to use headphones. Also I've gone back and was listening to 220 volts first album. Coolest songs on there man. IAMmmmmmmm dreaaaminn dreamss about you!!! Why cant myyyyyy dreams just come trueee!!!!!!! Rad song. Find it. Go NOW.

And last but not least, do you have any advice for the bangers in bands out there, especially guitarists and vocalists given your strengths.

One simple rule. Which I'm sure most bangers will never follow anyway but here it goes. DON'T BE SO FUCKING LAZY!!!!!!! I know tons of guys that fuckin rock. Rock real hard, but are too fuckin lazy man. Why are there so many pop punk emo hardcore bands out there? Because those fuckin dorks actually work hard!!!! It takes effort. Just put the fuckkin effort in mannn. YEHAHHH mannnnn...go out there and give 110% eh...have a strong offense...a real good defense. Get some good hockey tape and make sure that blade is regulation size! Just practice man. That's all. Come up with a practice routine and givrrrrrr balls.

Thank you Jackie for doing this interview and I appreciate the time you put into this. I hope good things continue come for you guys and maybe this will be the year of “The Fist”!

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