Sunday, March 6, 2011

Canadian doomers Cauchemar to play shows in Chile

 Montreal doom trio Cauchemar (french for nightmare), a band that plays in the realms of Paul Chain, Pagan Altar and Black Sabbath, are playing four dates in Chile this month. 

This band had completely slipped from my radar, up until I learned of this show, I had never even heard of them. And although we are a bi-lingual country, most of Canada's view towards French is quite negative, which is a possibility to my negligence. Another reason they may not have crossed over is because their music is french. Metal in different languages never bothered me, but most people just stick to the English stuff. I found it quite interesting though, that a Canadian band is playing shows in Chile, under further inspection, I discovered that this is part of a long trip that the guitarist and singer are doing. I don't know if they plan to play at everyplace they go, but their destinations include; South America, Asia, Europe and North Africa. I will hopefully follow up with Cauchemar and find out more about their trip and shows. As for Chile, the dates are:    

Saturday 12th @ Santiago
Friday 18th @ Valparaíso
Saturday 26th @ Temuco
Sunday 27th @ Concepción

All the shows are supported with local Chilean metal bands.

*Couldn't find the flyer for the 26th
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