Friday, March 11, 2011

Damage - Less Silence, More Violence DEMO (AUSTRIA) 2009

Right off the bat I have to start this review stating the fact that I am partial against death and death-thrash metal; this is, in fact, a death-thrash album. The main reason is because I just can't get into the vocals, too aggressive, and besides, you can't really understand what they're saying. With "Less Silence, More Violence", we have 6 out of 6 blisteringly fast tracks thrashing in the same family tree as their Central Power Allies. Tons of chugging and a grocery bag full of toxic and thrashy riffs, but the unstoppable drumming and soar throat vocals overpower the guitar. "Await The Edged Blade" and "Prepare For The Slaughter" are probably the top songs, but again, the vocals just deter me. What would really win me over would be a different vocal style, or maybe even a new vocalist altogether. Either way they must be doing something right; Damage recently signed to I Hate Records and changed their name to Death Storm and will be releasing a new LP this year. All in all not my cup of tea, mug of coffee, pint of beer, shot of jรค get the idea.


  1. damn dude, i feel that i gotta listen to this but i cant find it... tell me at least.. is it on itunes???

  2. I sent you a message alittle while ago, if you want the songs I can send them to you!

  3. it would be great if you do, sorry, i didnt notice your message, hopefuly you are still able to send it to me, thanks!