Friday, March 11, 2011

Midnight Priest - Rainha Da Magia Negra EP (PORTUGAL) 2009

What really intrigued me to checkout Midnight Priest was to see if the music was as good as the cover. If anything says foreign metal 86', it's this.
The mega tight compositions and clean production are just an added bonus to this fresh find. You also have to give these guys credit for singing in their native tongue of Portuguese, no matter the country, most bands sing in English and it's a hard world for those who don't. The first 2 songs are without question the best songs off the EP, title cut "Rainha Da Magia Negra" and "Juizo Final" (Queen Of Black Magic and Final Justice). The guitars are what really make this album shimmer, with lots of harmony riffs and solo trading that really bring you back. I despise the terms "Trad-Metal" and "Retro-Metal" that bands like Midnight Priest always seem to get because I don't think it does any justice and find it more of a poser term, I would just classify them in the standard Classic Heavy Metal and it could certainly become a classic. Although the musicianship is definitely there, some of the songs still don't have the edge needed, and come off as filler compared to the first two. The album ends on a high note with mid-paced "O Conde", but you have to listen to a few mediocre tunes to finish it. If Midnight Priest can follow this EP with even stronger material, they will surely bring the people to mass.

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