Sunday, May 1, 2011

Diemond's C.C. Diemond on The Bad Pack

Diemonds are sitting on the edge right now, on the brink of releasing their first full-length album, The Bad Pack. I got guitarist C.C. Diemond to fill me in on some of the deets.
"The deets are, the records done, the artwork is done, everything's done. We're just waiting for the right offer, from the right label." And although they've already received several offers from European labels, they are hoping for a strong North American label to release it out here, but the possibility still stands on an early European release. After all most of their online sales were from Europe and they were even featured in UK's Classic Rock magazine.
Part of what sets this new album apart from their now out-dated EP, is that there is quite a line up change. New bass player, new drummer and double guitars, this Diemonds is no longer a jagged stone. "Definitely a shift of sound" C.C. tells me, "Heavier sound, bigger sound. We want to play to bigger crowds, bigger stages and all that shit. So you have to have a bigger sound". "With our Ex-members we like to sacrifice one for each album" C.C. jokes regarding all the line up changes, which has included ex-Rammer/Cauldron/Toxic Holocaust drummer Al Chambers. But that certainly hasn't held them back, they even just finished filming their second music video for the single "Take On The Night", that has a Warriors themed plot. It's currently in the editing processes but C.C. assures me it will be ready to release as soon as the album is, and with the first video already on MuchLOUD, it's pretty much guaranteed to get some airplay.
The original plan was to have the album out for February, but with the label offers it's been pushed back until the inks drawn, " current plan is for the spring. It's a frustrating position, having something all ready to go, but can't be released yet." There's one new song on the Myspace and 4 songs on a limited 100 copy sampler to help create some buzz with plans to hit the road starting with U.S. dates.
When I asked about how new these songs were, I was suprised to find out that some of the songs have been floating around for about 2 years, but more then half were written within 6 months before recording them! Unfortunately its taken almost a year to get it all together...3 years since their 2008 In The Rough debut. Lucky for them all, this wait won't be in-vain. The album was tracked by Juno award winning producer Jon Drew, who's notable works include Career Suicide, Fucked Up and Rammer. So will this be enough to push them over the edge? "I think so yeah, hopefully...fuck it better!" C.C. laughs and its great he's optimistic about the whole thing. "I was always just waiting for the band I could make my own band, and really fuckin focus on. So I didn't want to just join some shit band. And man, you gotta stick to your band, a lot of bands break up all the time, its silly. I mean, shit happens but you gotta stick with it, it takes 10 years to do anything with a band, that's the magic number." 
So if you didn't know it already, Diemonds are sticking to there guns and as soon as the long awaited Bad Pack is released, there's no doubt it'll make cracks, if not holes in the Rock walls everywhere!

Diemonds-4 Song Sampler

They were giving these CD's away back in February to help promote the upcoming Bad Pack, featuring 4 songs off the album.

1. Take On The Night
2. Left For Dead
3. The Bad Pack
4. Get The Fuck Outta Here

I'm gonna save a review for when all the songs are released, but without hesitating I can say this stuff blows their old material out of the water. Not that the old stuff was bad or anything, this is just way better! Filled with a much thicker guitar sound, harder drums, heavier bass and some ballsy vocals, this album is surely worth more than it's weight in diemonds. This Diemonds is no longer in the rough.


  1. love these dudes

  2. This band is a MUST see LIVE. You have never had a more fun, energetic, outrageous live show until you have seen them. The CD is great of course but add to it the live experience and WOW !!
    LOVE the current members of the band (6-2011) They compliment each other and have the personalities that make it all flow heavy and hard and awesome. Needless to say LOVE THIS BAND !
    (kansas USA fan)