Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back For More

(Walks into office, sits down in chair. Blows dust off paper work, attempts to clean. Looks up from desk.) 
 Yup, if anyone noticed...I've been gone for quite awhile eh. Where? Well nowhere really. No fancy vacations or road trips for me, I've been here all along but unfortunately haven't been able to muster up anything creative in much over-due time. Like ignoring your girlfriend, I've felt guilty for building this up and then casting it aside. But this is my job, and I won't call in sick anymore. I have some big plans for this, won't say what but some changes coming up soon. I will still be putting some reviews and news on here also!
But Of course I haven't been completely wasting away, other then slaving away on my 9-2-5 party store job, (Taking up all my precious time) I have been drafted to the big leagues! Yes it is true, I am the new coffee fetching Temp at the CHROMIUM estates. Seems that all the "Wax on, wax off" finally paid off. The days of fancy jets, All Access Passes and pool bars severed by bikini clad babes are among us! Look for me in Chromium Dioxide IV: Steele Diamond!

 Chilling with Ex-Blackout/Endow guitarist Tom Carvalho 

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