Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cromlech - Debut Ritual @ The 460 Sept. 24th 2011

Ahhhh, another 460 show. Although this bar has generally lost it's luster for me I still enjoy it's company from time to time, and with 10$ pitchers who can complain! (You will in the morning when that cheap beer gives you a pounding head-ache and shits with a vengeance!)
But seriously folk, along with the story. Three fourths of Death/Black Metal band Into Oblivion helps form Toronto's newest Doom band, Cromlech.
Echoing in the epic doom style of bands such as Candlemass, Pentagram, Pagan Alter and such veins, Cromlech delivers something quite refreshing.
They start their set with their strongest number; all of the songs I'm hearing for the first time so I don't know any of the names, I'm going to refer to them as song 1, 2, 3, 4.
Song 1 is very long and has many riffs including cool harmonies and great doom solos, many guitarist lose them selves trying to be the fastest but these lento leads show that speed isn't everything!
All the songs are mid paced head banging tunes worthy of denim and leather with the general exception of song 3 which is definitely the weakest, lacking substance and uninspiring, this song is boring and dragged on.
It didn't help that they ended their set with an equally long instrumental, which would be better suited with vocals, but musically it's still a good song.

This being their first gig, their nervousness showed through quite thick and resulted in them being alittle sloppy. They still need to tighten and work on their intricacy and timing. The vocals could also use alot of work as you can tell they are still finding their voice, however Cromlech definitely shows promise to be another great band added to the growing Toronto scene if they continue in the path they've foreshadowed.

Photos courtesy of Amanda McCausland

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