Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Metalian/Sanktuary/Black Moor - Tundrastruck Split (Canada) 2011


This 3 way split starts out with Montreal's Metalian, Airborne Assassins. The song kicks out in high speed, the vocals are one of the best parts of this song, just soaring over the riffs sounding like a valiant conquest from the sky. If you haven't heard Metalian before, all you would need to do is hear their live Judas Priest covers, Ian's vocals are so powerful he could even give Halford a run for his money. Of course I wouldn't expect much less from Metalian, they get stronger album to album, it's unfortunate that there is only one song by each band on this split but you can expect a new Metalian album out in December, entitled "Rock Solid" on Heavy Artillery Records. 

Raise The Flag is faithful track number two. Now without wanting to compare, I hear alittle of early Metallica even alittle Pound for Pound Anvil in this track. Without a doubt this is a beer drinking metal anthem. It makes me feel like slamming my text book against my vandalized desk and telling Ms.Sulley to "Fuck off, art history blows!"
Shit, that was grade 9 and I've been outta high-school for two years...

Black Moor:

The split ends on Black Moor's Awaken The Dead, and unfortunately not on as high a note as anticipated. The intro riffs sounds alittle too "new school metal" for me. Once the song gets going it is easier to get into, kicking into Megadeth doppelganging with quick leads before losing into the new age riffs again. Vocally everything is good and very thrashy, however my Wontong soup and Rep Cap can't be swayed.
Thing is, I've seen Black Moor live and they were nothing short of amazing, I would recommend everyone to check out their live shows! Killer tunes and so much power and energy on stage, but for those who haven't had the chance to witness them live, I wouldn't judged them for this song.

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