Friday, November 18, 2011

Evict Rob Ford

This Saturday there will be an "Evict Rob Ford" rally in support of those taking part in Occupy Toronto, who were almost evicted from St. James Park a few days ago.
I hope to attend this and hope many others who feel the same way will also show there support, because if we don't speak up, how will anyone know that there is something wrong?


  1. wow! nice to see metalheads are aware of what is going on. you are right, let's educate ourselves with the issues, discuss it, demonstrate. change is attainable. we are the 99%

  2. Yes there are still plenty of aware metal heads, after all thrash used to be one of the most political genres!
    Change is possible if people believe it is, instead of laziness we must be active in the world and our society and make our opinions count. From the little things like the music scene, to changes in the TTC or provincial and federal issues. Don't be a sheep, think for your self and speak up.