Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I find that live shows are one of the most important aspects of music, and although a CD(tape/record/etc) might be the solution to listening to bands that are not local, it is important not to forget to support bands when they do play a show. Whether they be local or from abroad. Here are a few upcoming shows that I think are worth checking out, if you know any upcoming shows I have missed feel free to contact me so I can add them!

Friday December 2nd at the NEW Hard Luck, previously known as The Poor Alex, we have a slew of great metal bands. Locals Ash Lee Blade, Joe Thrasher releasing their new album, Sanktuary supporting their "Boozed, Used & Abused" tour, Possessed Steel's first gig in awhile, Fast as Fuck and High Voltage!

The next night, Saturday December 3rd we have Skull Fist's CD release for their "Head of the Pack" album. I would have much rather that they had made an actual show with a few other bands instead of co-organizing it with Toxic Vision, I'm interested in the music not the chicks. Regardless I'm sure their performance will not disappoint, not to mention Casey will be looking sexy.

Saturday December 17th we have the eighth installation of the on-going Brampton Basement Shows. While they do include other genres, it is primarily a punk and metal show. This show has an all punk line up featuring GTA veterans Hazardous Waste, Endow (EP RELEASE), Direct Approach, Wastoids, Snake Charmer, Bad Intentions and Real Time. As always, No Booze, No Drugs, No Crab, this is a house show.

Sanktuary heads out on a few Canadian dates on their "Boozed, Used & Abused" Tour! Check it out if they're coming to a city near you!

Sunday January 22nd 2012! This show I don't know much about yet as it is pretty far in the future, but it's a doom set your not gonna want to miss! Great locals Blood Ceremony opening for Swedish band Ghost. While I still can't decide 100% if I like Ghost, their music is really interesting and intriguing.

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