Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Live Report: Ash Lee Blade, Joe Thrasher, Sanktuary, Possessed Steel, F,A,F,, Lethal Voltage

This ones an old one, but I only got around to putting it up now.

Lethal Voltage

Unfortunately I worked this day and ended up coming to the gig late, which is totally not my style but to be fair, it was an early gig , 7:30pm. I didn't get to see Lethal Voltage but I did get to talk to the bass player Sinan, who seemed like nice dude and gave me a copy of their demo. I'll post something about it when I listen to it! For now...unbiased.

F.A.F. a.k.a. Fast As Fuck

I missed most of these guy too, but I did see the end while setting up my table. Not much of a head turner in terms if music but they did seem energetic and stoked to be playing. Pretty thrashy but not exactly the fast as fuck speed metal I was hoping for. Will have to catch this guys again to give a proper review and a fair chance.

Possessed Steel

Knowing them personally I've heard their set probably 100 times, not the best but surely not the worst. They tweaked their set with an intro that is a new song in progress...about time boys. Unfortunately they are not using their full potential as I have every confidence that with hard work they could do well. I've heard them play the same set list for too long, spice it up and get some god damn recordings and then we will know you mean business.


Killer band originally from the Yukon! Then moved to the big city...Halifax! Tons of energy and solid songs, I always look forward to Sanktuary coming to town. Alan's voice is original and doesn't sound like it suites him at all, but don't take that negatively, it's meant to be a plus! Early Metallica sound with balls and speed (and no selling-out)!

Joe Thrasher

Ottawa metal weights Joe Thrasher showing us their goods for their CD release! Played right and ready set, more than decent band but a bit to the generic side. There were a few standout songs, but not enough for me to work with. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there are better bands.

Ash Lee Blade

Toronto long time runners Ash Lee Blade...starting their set at 1am as usual. Good set but certainly not their best, I feel like the vocals are never loud enough! Definitely another underrated Toronto band. Last gig coming up at the Bovine, January 21 with Cauldron!


  1. I never got to hear Possessed Steel, no idea what their website is, or if they have any releases.
    Nobody I trade with has any live shows on their lists.

    Seems to be the norm for Toronto bands these days.

    1. They have a facebook page and will hopefully be recording some time soon!

      Yes it is the norm with Toronto these days unfortunately. Maybe we can change it eh? Hopefully!