Thursday, April 19, 2012

Old Kill Cheerleader Article

I could probably credit my whole existence in the Toronto heavy metal scene probably to this article. Back when I was a young metalhead growing up in the suburbs I thought I was the only guy around who listened to metal anymore. Sure everybody listens to Metallica and Iron Maiden, but when I started to discover Exodus, Venom, Accept and Mercyful Fate nobody knew what I was talking about! I sure as hell didn't think there were any new metal bands around....
I picked up an issue of skateboard mag called Concrete and that's where I found this article for Kill Cheerleader. Their metal/punk sleaze was exactly what I thought wasn't around. But wait, it wasn't...they we're already broken up! But I found out what the guys from Cheerleader were doing, Jason Decay was in Goat Horn and then formed Cauldron, Jackie Slaughter was in Skull Fist and through that I found the Toronto metal scene which has been slowly growing since! Most of you fuckers just wanna read the article so do it! (click the picture and then right-click view image to zoom in)

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