Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gatekrashor News!

Here are some updates on the Gatekrashor front:

Just in case you missed out on the news, the Gatekrashor Diehards/Warlord sets are out now and available for order! But you better hurry because they are in limited quantity and once they are sold out, they're gone forever!

In other news, you better make sure to pick up a a copy of the newest Iron Fist Magazine (issue #4) and you will find a mini bio article on the band and there plans for Speed Metal Enforcement.

Also be sure to check out this rad interview with front man Dan Neild giving you plenty of details on the formation of the band, releases, shows and the new upcoming full length! Read the interview here!

Now after all this new, you may ask your self; "Where can I see this band tear up the stage?" Well I am glad you asked that question because Gatekrashor have two really great gigs coming up! You can catch them first tearing it up in Edmonton on April 27th with the killer all Canadian bill of Striker, Cauldron and Mortillery! Surely a show not to be missed! After that they will be heading down to play Chicago's Ragnarokkr Festival, playing along side some old school greats like OZ, Omen, Shok Paris and more! If you want be up to date with all the Gatekrashor news, make sure to check them out on facebook!

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