Hard and Heavy Releases coming soon! I've got a few things in the works and hope to get things rolling very soon! Things will be added as soon as they're confirmed!

HHR-001 Gatekrashör - Fear Of Attack EP

Sold out!!!
Join them in the night, or in the comfort of your own living room. Brandishing their patented brand of raw Canadian Speed Metal, chained to seething ways of the old dark masters, sharp and to the point, with the beasts crosshairs on the target, the presence can be felt fully throughout this axe crazy assault. Witness true metal glory and evil steel from hell, the rush, and ENFORCE! METAL! LAW!
Side Hard:
Blastwave/Speed Metal Hammer/Date With The Devil (Hot In Hades)

Side Heavy:

Heavy Metal Rangers/Fear Of Attack

Limited to 100 cassette copies.

HHR-002 Droid - Malfunction Demo

Descending from the far and unknown cosmic wasteland solely known as Brampton, we are unleashed with DROID! An aggressive attack far fiercer than any galactic onslaught seen before, this trenchant three piece are ready to let loose their four track demo into the depths of your claws! Teutonic Space Thrash Defenders!

Program 1:
Subterranean Termites/Zenith In Red/Voice Of Reason/Ceres Solution

Program 2:
The Songs Are Repeated On Side Two For Your Convenience

Limited to 100 cassette copies.

HHR-007 Possessed Steel - Possessed Steel EP